Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This shouldn't really count as a seperate post... its more like follow-ups from previous topics.

T-Mobile, T-zones, T-mobile Web and the Internet Myth...

Right after I blogged about T-mobile's internet plans, something kind of surprising happened. They starting giving stuff away.
The big difference between the cheaper plans and the expensive plans has generally been that the cheap ones were more restrictive- most ports were blocked and required a proxy for any web browsing.
Now, as long as you have some sort of basic internet plan (as far as I know this still won't work for free), you have FULL UNLIMITED ACESS to all ports, no proxy or anything required. No one quite knows why this is or how long it will last, but its been going on for long enough now that I wouldn't consider it a temporary fluke. Don't be suprised, however, if they turn it off tomorrow again.
Bottom line: There now seems to be no difference between any web/internet plan. So, choose the cheapest one if you want to save money, choose the expensive one if you want to ensure it won't be turned off tomorrow (or if you want to be "fair" and pay full price for your services!).

Windows Mobile Crossbow
For those of us following Microsoft's OS codenames...
It appears that Crossbow has been spotted on some prototype units, and it seems now that the original rumors are wrong concerning the numbering scheme of the Operating System. Apparently, word on the street now is Crossbow will be WM6.0, and Photon, still unnamed officially, is to be released sometime in 2008.

That's it for now, check back soon for more mobile news and thoughts.

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