Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Instinct vs. Iphone 3G videos

I gotta admit, I really enjoyed seeing Sprint's aggressive marketing of the Samsung Instinct, especially since it combined my two passions: Mobile tech and film making.

I'll be honest:
I'm not the biggest fan of the Instinct.
However, I do appreciate seeing someone else try to promote an iPhone competitor.

Do I expect the Instinct to be an "iphone-killer"? Not a chance.
Apple is a marketing machine, and they sure do know how to push that "reality distortion field" into making consumers believe this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just look at how much carriers in other countries are charging for the 3G. But, I don't believe the iPhone deserves the pedestal it has been placed on, and so I appreciate seeing others take a stab at it.

The stuff that really made me chuckle was Sprint's Instinct vs. iPhone ads made at the new Samsung's launch.
At the time, they showed the Instinct up against the original iPhone (2G), with such examples as:
  • Showing the Instinct finish loading a page while the iPhone continues to chug along at what appears to be excruciating Edge speed.
  • Showing location based services on the GPS enabled Instinct while the iPhone showed you "somewhere in this ginormous circle" with triangulation and Google Maps.
  • Downloading music over the air with the Sprint store, vs iPhone requiring WiFi to access iTunes
All these videos were well made and perfectly executed with movie narrator voices and witty body language by the fingers demonstrating.

However, now that the iPhone 3G is out, which introduced GPS and 3G, they had to pull some of their older ads.

Thankfully, they managed to cook up some fresh new ones.
These include some stuff STILL not fixed in the new iPhone, such as replacing a battery, turn-by-turn GPS routing, and some network comparison stuff showing 3G coverage (which Sprint has plenty of) and a features/price comparison with the plans.

In any event, its worth checking out these videos, even if you LIKE the iPhone. They're pretty funny.

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