Thursday, October 02, 2008

More Android videos

Google's Android is a hot topic out here on the inter-webs.
Its not surprising: Between the Google brand name and the open-source business model, Android is poised to become a major player in the mobile market.

Youtube, the video-blogging medium of choice, has so many Android videos its dizzying and fascinating at the same time. I'm posting some of the ones I found interesting below, however I highly recommend flipping through youtube if you want to see where mobile OSs are going.

The first one is a simple walkthrough of the UI (via PhoneScoop):

This second one comes from Eric Lin, an HTC Rep (Who I had the pleasure of meeting in NYC at another event). Eric shows us a bit more first-hand UI details.

Finally, here we have a practical example of a third party application developed with the Android SDK. An impressive taste of more things to come:

Looking good, Google. Let's get a few more handsets and carriers announced, though. The OS looks good, but I have mixed feelings about the G1's cosmetic appeal and it'll take more than that for me to return to T-mobile...