Thursday, May 28, 2009

Palm Pre syncs with iTunes?!

Wow. Just wow.
Some other "reputable" mobile bloggers have been calling the new Palm Pre too little and too late, and predicting that it will, despite all its fan fare, sink into the depths of relative obscurity in a market where Palm has become obsolete.

In fact, CrunchGear went as far as to call the Pre an Also Ran (a term I wasn't familiar with).
To quote:

An “also-ran” is, literally, “a horse that does not win, place, or show in a race.” The world loves an underdog but it never loves an also-ran. It forgets about an also-ran.

And so we reach nearly the end of Palm Pre madness and I’m afraid to report that after all the magic, all the tears, all the joy the Palm Pre will be just another phone. It won’t save Palm, it won’t change paradigms, and it won’t send the iPhone hegemony crashing to its knees. The Palm Pre will launch with a whisper, not a bang.

I must admit that up until the announcement of the Pre's feature set, I was also convinced of Palm's imminent failure, although now I see a bright future possible.

Those other bloggers may argue with me, but this little tidbit announced today may sway the few unconverted souls:

The Pre will sync music and photos with Apple's iTunes.

If this isn't now the most likely candidate to give the iPhone a run for its money, I don't know what is.